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Surviving, Thriving....Join Us

The networking site for ovarian cancer survivors

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Why Ovarian Cancer TOGETHER! ?

Hi! I'm Kay and this is my family

After hearing the names of so many women in my local community who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and no way to reach out to them, I wanted to find a place where we could all come together.

In Los Alamos, where I lived for 10 years, I came to know 5 of the most remarkable women you could ever want to meet, who had all shared the same news "You have ovarian cancer".

I learnt so much from them, was touched by their dignity in the face of trauma, their inspiration, but mostly just comforted by their shared experience and knowledge. This is what inspired me to create this website for women in New Mexico, and Washington, where I live now.

I hope you will join us and TOGETHER become stronger and find the hope inside we all deserve.

Executive Board of Directors

Kay Kerbyson, PhD, President
Darren Kerbyson, PhD, V.P and Treasurer
Louise Hanna, Secretary
Janet McGough

New Mexico Branch
Board of Directors

Kay Kerbyson, President
Louise Hannah, Vice-President
Louise Hanna, Secretary
Janet McGough

Washington State Branch
Board of Directors

Kay Kerbyson, President
Jodie De Cola, VP & Director Development
Maxine Martin

Registered Offices

P.O. Box 1503
Los Alamos
NM 87544

P.O. Box 4802
West Richland
WA 99353

Tel: 505 603 7878
Ovarian Cancer Together! became an incorporated non-profit 501(c)(3) in July 2009. 
All proceeds from sales and donations are tax-exempt.